What is OBX?

OBX is the acronym for Off Beat Xperiment and as its name suggests, is based on Up-Beat, syncope or if you prefer the “Shake it up”.

In this project we work mainly with Jamaican rhythms, all of them mixed with jazz, progressive, electronic or anything else that comes to mind. There is no censorship in this fusion, only the presence of ska, reggae or rocksteady as a common thread.

The line-up is 100% instrumental, like a classic jazz sextet, with two winds, keyboard, guitar, bass and drums.

Ángel Rodríguez

Joan Ramon Quirante

Sergi Karod

Quim Molera

Xavier Alomar

Rafa Rodríguez


Off Beat Xperiment (OBX) is one of the most attractive, brave and original bands from Barcelona. An instrumental group made up of six musicians with a long history on the Catalan scene.

The project starts from music with Jamaican roots and fuses it with all kinds of styles, making OBX’s live show an explosion of rhythms and textures, where there is room for improvisation and melody, and a clear invitation to dance.

One of the objectives of Off Beat is to bring Reggae, Ska and Rocksteady music closer to the 21st century, using new sounds and harmonies through their own compositions and experimentation.

The band was born in 2020, and in April of the same year, they released their first EP “Interesting Times”. Since then, despite the pandemic context, the group has continued to progress, with new releases and concerts that have been very well received by the public.

During 2022 OBX has graduated as a band playing at various festivals (including the Voll Damm Jazz Festival in Barcelona) and forming part of the regular programming of the historic Harlem Jazz Club.

Interesting Times

Interesting Times is the title of our first EP.

The album was recorded at the studio El Tostadero with producer Marc Molas and has been released by Shimauma Records.

It consists of five 100% original songs that are a clear example of our style based on the fusion of Jamaican rhythms with other sounds.

If we had to put a label on it we could classify it as Ska-Jazz, but some sounds are closer to pop, more traditional reggae or even some progressive touches.

The EP is named after one of the tracks, which we borrowed from a Terry Pratchett‘s and which fit us as since the theme is in 7/4, which is a pretty interesting time for a reggae composition. But fate made the record come out in the midst of the COVID pandemic, in April 2020, and made good that Chinese curse that says “I hope you live interesting times“.

So we hope you all enjoy your Interesting Times and make them more enjoyable with our music.



Management – @OriolCorroto